Good Bye Twitter

In early 2023 X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, removed the ability for other systems, including Burli, to connect to its servers.

The Twitter integration platform stopped working in April 2023 and Burli’s ability to read or create Tweets stopped with it. The API that allowed this integration has been turned off – seemingly permanently.

X has introduced paid access to some of its content, but a high price and limited set of features currently makes it impractical for Burli or its customers to use.

We know the Twitter integration in Burli was widely used and this change impacted thousands of journalists. However, from all available evidence to date, X is unlikely to restore full 3rd-party access, nor is the content remaining on the platform likely to return to its previous relevance to newsrooms.

We will continue to watch developments and will restore integration with the platform if it becomes technically practical and worthwhile to do so.