Changes to Twitter Integration

Twitter has made a major change to its service that is affecting Burli users.

The Twitter open API stopped working in early April 2023. Burli’s ability to read and send Tweets stopped with it.

Burli (and every other Twitter partner) depends on the public Twitter API for integration. It is the only way to connect to the platform and at present there is no practical alternative. In early February 2023 the company announced it would turn off the API completely. More recently, it said it would transition to a new paid API by the end of April 2023. On April 4th (earlier in some parts of the world) the existing API stopped working.

We know the Twitter features in Burli are widely-used and this sudden change impacts many newsrooms and many thousands of journalists. We regret the inconvenience and are working to better understand Twitter’s plans and whether – and when – we will be able to resume integration.

We will continue to watch developments carefully as Twitter weathers a parade of sudden and dramatic changes under its new ownership. We will post updates here as we have them.