At Burli, we promise a lot to our customers.  And they expect a lot from us.  See the reasons we earn our business!

Efficiency and Effectiveness

It’s almost a cliché but it happens to be true: with Burli, your staff can do more than they are doing right now. Burli speeds news production so that your reporters can generate more original stories and spend more time editing and finessing material. The result is better-prepared and better-sounding news from the same newsroom – which makes both your journalists and managers smile.

Ease of Use

We’re famous for our ease of use, and there are two main reasons. First, we built the software around the way journalists really work, rather than expecting journalists to adapt to the software. Second, almost everything in Burli happens on one clear, easy-to-navigate screen. There are no layers of pop-up windows to get lost in and no separate applications or modules to launch.

Strength in Journalism

Burli is a clear leader in the world of news. Increasingly, newsrooms are replacing their existing newsroom systems with Burli because our tools really do the job. Unlike some systems that are adapted for news, this is software created for news. Burli’s tools were designed by experienced journalists for journalists.

Industry Trust

Some of the largest media organizations in the most demanding markets in the world rely on Burli. In market-leading all-news operations in New York, London, Washington, and Toronto, dozens of journalists simultaneously gather, edit and broadcast the news with Burli every moment of every day. We offer proven, stable, easy-to-use systems that works whether a newsroom has a staff of 2 or 200 people.

Superb Support

You won’t often need it, but when you do, Burli’s technical support is unrivaled for responsiveness, customer attentiveness and just getting things fixed. You’d expect us to say that, of course, so ask around – check with an IT director or engineer in a newsroom that already uses Burli. We suspect they’ll tell you the same thing.


Lots of software claims to be scalable, but Burli truly is. Right now – as you read this – Burli Newsroom is running in small newsrooms on a single PC without dedicated servers, switches, Active Directories or any of that fancy IT overhead. And Burli NE is running in major newsrooms across multiple servers, racks of switches, with terabytes of data and dozens of simultaneous users in the newsroom, and remote bureaus or laptops elsewhere. And, of course, there are many installations that fall somewhere in between.


In the final analysis, Burli simply provides good value. There are simpler newsroom systems that don’t offer Burli’s reliability, ease-of-use or detailed features. Burli, on the other hand, offers full-featured and affordable systems. That means we present excellent value for money and a system that keeps journalists, engineers and management happy.