Audio Logger in Burli

There’s a Logger in Burli?

Get ready to put another tool in your belt – a tool that is already in your copy of Burli Newsroom, and doesn’t cost anything extra.

At a training session at one of our educational customers, we mentioned in passing the Audio Logger built into Burli Newsroom.  I didn’t think we needed to stop and unpack that thought until I noticed that all the users in attendance were gasping and confiding in one another that they hadn’t had any idea that Burli offered such a thing!  So surely there are more people in the same boat, who’d like to know what their copy of Newsroom can do that they don’t know about.

Capturing Live Audio

Burli Newsroom comes complete with a powerful Audio logging tool. You can capture your on-air Audio automatically on a schedule, with the press of a button, or even when a microphone picks up a certain sound level.

A live Audio log can be drawn on right away as a resource – you don’t have to wait for the hour to finish or some kind of save or stop command. If something interesting happened on air and you want to use it in a Story, you can do so right away while the recording is still being built!  Your guest said something interesting during your interview with him?  Cut it out and post it to social media or your next newscast before the interview is even over.

Setting it Up

Initial configuration of the Logger is generally done by your System Administrator. However, as a User of the system you can grab the Audio – even while it is still recording – and use it to build Stories.  Assuming it’s been set to run, here’s how you can grab the Logger and put it to use.

With a fresh new Multi Track Audio Project ready, click Open and select Audio Logger.  You’ll see this window appear:

Find your Logger under Session, and pick a date.  Then, drag and drop the desired time slice (they come in one hour segments) right from the Logger Window onto the new Audio Project.

Live Audio at Your Convenience

If that time slice is in the past, you’ll have whatever Audio was recorded at that date and time.  But if it’s the current time, you’ll see a live recording building right before your eyes!  For example, if it’s 3:35 in the afternoon and you pick the “15:00:00 to 16:00:00” slice, you’ve got live Audio.

Now you can take that live audio, isolate it, and edit it into a clip.  From there, you can do any of the dozens of things Burli offers to take your news to the public – post it into your next newscast, send it to your automation system, put it up on Twitter… whatever you like.

And remember, this is all still in our Multi Track Editor – you can immediately start layering in a music bed, an intro or outro, or any other Audio you like.  Add as many tracks as you want and get to work!

Lots of New Tricks

Burli Newsroom and NE are packed with features that people simply don’t know about.  Watch for more articles just like this one, and learn how your favourite newsroom system can do more than you even knew!

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