Burli NewsHub

Meet Burli’s NewsHub

NewsHub is a centralized platform for sharing news content across your network. It’s a simple, effective, cross-platform way to share news production across newsrooms or to build your very own news network.

  • Modern, browser-based interface for users.
  • Upload text, audio, images, and more to NewsHub from your newsrooms, either online or totally automatically via your newsroom editorial system.
  • Feed data from NewsHub into existing newsroom systems with standard RSS, just like a news wire. Or browse NewsHub content online and download material on demand.
  • Instantly search pooled content. No need to browse through many separate newsrooms to find interesting news.
  • Filter and find stories and media by category, newsroom, tags, and more.
  • Create custom feeds of news content by location, category, and more.
  • Eliminate old-fashioned and clunky email group lists, FTP servers, and VPNs for sharing your news stories and media between newsrooms.
  • Cloud-compatible so you can leave the maintenance, servers, and security to someone else. Or host NewsHub in your own data center or server room if that works better for you.

And best of all, NewsHub comes from the folks at Burli Software who’ve been making it easy for journalists to manage news content for more than 20 years.

To learn more about NewsHub, download our brochure or contact us for more information or a demo to see how it can work for your operation.