Best Kept Secrets – Quick Recording in Burli

Time again to go through the drawer marked “Best Kept Secrets” and talk about something that Burli does that perhaps all our customers aren’t aware of – Quick Record!

If you’re looking for a time-saver when recording newscasts, Quick Record is the feature for you.  It allows your on-air talent to pre-record newscasts quickly, skipping over the audio playout of any clips in your script during recording, but still including them automatically.

We’ll illustrate how this works in Burli NE for this article, but this feature is common to NE and Burli Newsroom!

Getting Started

To get started, all you really need to do is to set up your script as normal for an upcoming newscast.  Assemble your text and audio stories as you normally would in Burli.

When your script is ready, engage the Prompter mode (the microphone button above), and then press Ctrl-Q.

A red band appears across the bottom of your Prompter, with the words “Quick Record in progress” at the bottom left, and a timer at the bottom right.  This timer is displaying how long your recording has gone on.

Go ahead and read your copy, just like always.  When the time comes to play a clip, that’s when the “quick” part begins!

Save Some Time

Pressing play on the clip in the Prompter will give you the first five seconds of audio in the clip, and then immediately skip to the last five seconds.  You’ll only hear ten seconds of audio.  Then go ahead, and keep reading the copy as if the entire clip had played.  Note that the timer in the red band at the bottom jumps forward by the length of any skipped clips – it reflects the entire length of the newscast as though you had played the whole thing.

Finish the newscast, and press Ctrl-F10, or close the Prompter as normal.  The audio will save as one long clip, featuring your reader’s voice and the full length of each clip.  This will appear as “Quick Record [Time of Day]” in your Personal Folder.  When you look at the finished product, you’ll see something like this in the Multi Track Editor, automatically assembled:

Each of those audio blocks on the top is the reader’s voice.  The blocks on the bottom are the skipped audio clips (in their entirety, regardless of how long they actually are).

Burli will add in the entire clip of each piece of audio you just previewed.  If you’ve got a newscast with 5 one minute-long clips, you’ll save 5×50=250 seconds of audio previewing, but the recorded package that will go out to the listening audience will be full length.  When recording short newscasts, this is pretty handy.  When recording long form news programs, this can save tremendous amounts of time – both in the recording phase and in the editing!