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The Burli Newsroom System is a leading computer newsroom system designed for radio. It has tools for every step of the news gathering process, from story ideas and assignments right through to broadcast and archiving. Burli is sophisticated, stable and runs in hundreds of newsrooms worldwide — from modest operations with one or two staff to the demanding 24/7 newsrooms of major national broadcasters.

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Capture News Sources

Burli Newsroom handles the wide variety of data sources that constantly pour into a newsroom.  

This includes newswires, tweets, live audio feeds, email, RSS feeds, audio and video files, FTP servers and more. Reporters in the field can remotely file, and their material — text and audio — appears in the system automatically. All sources — including tweets, audio and faxes — appear right on the screen of any workstation.




Use network connections to link bureaus, affiliates, regional networks or reporters in the field.

Burli’s Virtual Newsroom technology connects almost any workstation to any other workstation, whether it’s across town or across the world. Browse another newsroom’s wires, audio cuts, scripts, faxes, etc. and drag them into your own work.

Or use any web browser for remote access into the newsroom. Read scripts, lookup contacts, view newsroom faxes, even grab audio cuts from the field. Or file complete news stories — with both text and audio — into the system.


Edit Text and Audio

Seamlessly integrated text and audio editors that are quick and simple to use and designed specifically for broadcast newsrooms.

Newsrooms are too often stuck with audio editors that are either too simple or too cluttered with advanced features no journalist will ever use.

Burli Newsroom, on the other hand, offers integrated single and multi-track audio editors designed from scratch for newsrooms. They include such power features as unlimited undo, volume envelopes, cross-fades, normalize, and sample-level zoom. And, being Burli, they’re intuitive and tightly integrated with newscasts and copy.

Similarly, the text editor is clear, easy-to-use, and full of handy tools journalists really use.


Organize Your Newsroom

Let your entire news crew, whether a small group or multi-office environment, easily share resources.

Virtually everything in Newsroom can be opened simultaneously by many users, allowing a truly collaborative news production workflow. Rundowns can be assembled by an entire team who all see changes in real time. An instant message utility lets users chat between any number of workstations. An internal mail system lets administrators send memos to one or many of their staff. A contacts database organizes the newsroom’s many phone lists. A full-featured assignment manager helps co-ordinate reporters, plan assignments and facilitate group projects.



Scripts can be read from a prompter or integrated with your website.

Our radio prompter makes live newscasts easier than ever. Audio cuts appear in place in a scrolling prompter and play from Newsroom itself. Rundowns remain editable even during broadcast and editors can make changes to copy order or audio as the broadcast happens.

Burli makes it very simple to share your radio news with radio automation systems and your website’s CMS, even Twitter. Journalists can manually publish stories to your on-line services or have the CMS automatically retrieve relevant data from within Burli.


Reach new audiences with the power of podcasting.

Radio stations these days have to make the most of every piece of audio they generate. Why not take the day’s top stories and turn them into a podcast for your station? It’s fast and easy from Burli Newsroom.

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