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Burli’s newsroom systems help electronic journalists gather, edit, broadcast and publish the news. It’s great software, created for journalists, by journalists.

What is Burli?

Burli is a suite of computer newsroom tools. They are reliable, easy-to-use, and key tools for everyone from reporters to on-air talent, newsroom management, and the engineering and IT departments. Burli helps professional newsrooms:

  • Gather stories and data from a huge variety of external sources, including traditional newswires, feeds, mobile tools, and social media;
  • Create and edit their own content, using our integrated editing tools, designed specifically for journalists;
  • Create newscasts or entire shows and take them to air with play-to-air tools and a built-in prompter; and
  • Publish news to websites, broadcast automation systems, podcast platforms, smart speakers, and more.

All in a single environment with a common set of tools.

What Can Burli Do?

Burli can take your stories and media to multiple places with simple, easy commands.

Here are just some of the available options.

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What Can Burli Do?
Twitter Burli SoundCloud WordPress Prompter Automation Playout Systems Multi Site


Post directly to Twitter with just a couple of clicks.

Include text with Burli Newsroom.

Include text and graphics with Burli NE.

Support for 280 character limit.


Burli Newsroom

Text and Audio editor built in.

Burli NE

Text, Audio, and Image editor built in.

Video and file handling/attachment.

Detailed editorial control.


Post directly to SoundCloud.

Include your edited Audio files.

Include thumbnail graphics.

Share Audio quickly.


Allows you to create Posts in WordPress out of your Stories.

In Newsroom, post directly to the web.

In NE, create a Draft for your digital news team to format and edit.


Read news directly to the air.

Fire Audio clips from the Prompter.

Multiple manual and auto scrolling control options.

Automation Playout Systems

Send directly to automation systems, including:

  • WideOrbit
  • Enco
  • Dalet
  • OMT
  • RCS Zetta
  • ...and many more

Multi Site

Burli NE treats remote offices as nodes.

Easily share Stories and Media with other locations.

Centralize and standardize your editorial practices.

Reduce duplication of efforts.

Our Products

Built to service customers of all sizes and workflows, Burli comes in two flavours – Burli NE and Burli Newsroom.

Burli NE

Burli’s flagship product, NE is today’s tools for news production. Equipped with robust editing tools, user and editorial controls, and metadata capabilities, it’s a system that’s ready to work with a busy newsrooms and national networks wanting to emphasize collaboration and centralize and manage their editorial workflows. A mobile-friendly web app adds features for reporters in the field (see Burli Beat below).

Burli Newsroom

Our classic product and still a favourite in the industry, Newsroom is radio newsroom system, able to run from one PC or across a national network of connected newsrooms. Burli Newsroom is equipped with great text, newscast, and audio editing tools; is simple to install, manage and maintain; and offers integration with a wide range of broadcast automation systems.

Modern News, Modern Needs

Gathering and telling important stories in the 21st century is no easy undertaking, but Burli is there to help you with tools specifically designed to help your news team.

Whether your operation consists of a lone journalist covering a modest market, or a huge national newsroom and a network of worldwide contributors, Burli has the means to improve your workflow, simplify your tasks, and let you produce more news on more platforms.

Burli Beat is available on any browser-capable device

Mobile Tools

We have a variety of ways to file stories into Burli, including a full-featured web application, email, FTP and  Dropbox integration, and many more.

And our Burli NE system offers Burli Beat, a modern remote tool built on a standards-based API, to let contributors both file and edit their content from the field, and provide a detailed view of everything already in the newsroom including Wires, Rundowns, Assignments, Contacts and more. Filing a story from the field is as easy as pulling out your phone, recording an interview, snapping a few photos, and sending it all back to Burli, via Beat. 

Multi-Site Capabilities

Most broadcast organizations now involve multiple newsrooms. If your extended team is spread across markets, states or has bureaus across the world, Burli’s multi-site capabilities can help.

Pool your data from many newsrooms into one feed, or send audio from a smaller station back to a larger newsrooms, whether for use in a national broadcast or to have passed through an editor’s hands.  Either way, Burli lets your network share content and keeps your team coordinated and writing original stories instead of duplicating efforts.

Use One Story Many Times

Today’s newsrooms don’t just read the story to air. Now you can take your single story and send it to many places, quickly and easily.

  • A sophisticated Prompter lets you take your story to the radio or TV studio with a intuitive options for self-operation or collaborative studio workflows
  • Package and dispatch complete bulletins to one or more third-party automation playout systems, such as those from RCS, WideOrbit, Enco and many others
  • Digital publishing to WordPress sends your content directly to the industry’s most-popular CMS
  • Share with other locations in your organization

All without re-creating your content in multiple systems. Write it once, use it as many times as you like.

Who’s Using Burli?

Burli is proud to work with some of the best news organizations in the world.

And many more. Why not have a look at what they have to say about us?

Where Can You Learn More?

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