Burli NE

Burli NE is the next generation newsroom system from Burli Software. It has the tools you’ll find in Burli Newsroom, plus a host of powerful additional features. Burli NE is a scalable, flexible newsroom system for journalists, designed to open up workflows of the modern newsroom.

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Video and PDF Handling

Running a newsroom today often means more than text and audio.  

Link to or save video files associated with your story, and play them directly from the Burli NE environment.

Associate PDF files with your story and keep the information behind the news together in one place.



Image Editing

Add images and edit them to suit your story.

Burli NE allows for light image editing, perfectly suited for fast, journalistic workflow.  Crop, resize, and rotate photos so they work with your story.  Grab just what you need and leave the rest.

Use preset aspect ratios to match your site’s needs, or for perfect formatting on social media.

Multi Site

Connect to remote Burli sites and easily share content.

Now you can gain a window directly into a partner newsroom with a single click in Burli NE.  Grab stories, make edits, and share your own stories.  Browse public folders and even see remote contacts, all from your own site.





Beat Reporting

Generate, edit, and file stories from the field.

Virtually any device with a browser can now send text, audio, images, and/or video directly into the newsroom for editing and publication.  Reporters outside the newsroom have powerful, easy-to-use, reporting tools, all built right in to Burli.



Publish to Many

Send your stories to the world.

Burli has the hooks to publish to many different outputs, not just the Prompter.  Send your stories to WordPress, SoundCloud, and a wide range of radio automation systems, quickly and easily, without re-writing your stories to suit each destination.


Advanced Searching

Stories have never been easier to find.

Any working newsroom is going to have hundreds if not thousands of stories available to search through!  NE offers advanced search capabilities in the active story database and the archive, and allows you to drill down powerfully into the results to get even finer detail.




Editorial Approvals

Make the editorial process a clear part of your workflow!

Now you can set up your approval process the way you like it.  Set up as many editorial stages as you like, with your own custom titles and colors for easy recognition in your busy newsroom.




Customize Your System

Why work the way we tell you to?  Do it your way.

Customize your file and folder system to your exact specifications.  Set up shortcuts to the features, news sources, and objects you access every day.  Make Burli NE work for you, not the other way around.




Full API

Save time on repetitive tasks and manual steps.

We build the hooks in to deal with third parties.  Burli NE includes a powerful API, perfect for interfacing to any number of other great software tools.  Contact us for details!

Interested in Knowing More?

We’d be happy to provide a full demonstration, or you can start by requesting a quote from our sales team.