Canada Newswire Update Does Not Affect Burli

If you’re a current user of Canada Newswire, you may have received a message about a change in their metadata format.

From their messaging:

On Dec. 10th, 2016 Canada Newswire (CNW) will be introducing some minor enhancements to the metadata included in our feed delivery. This update will apply to our NewsML format. Please take the necessary steps to adjust your parser/feed handlers accordingly, so that you can receive and correctly display the CNW Feed.

The enhancements will include the following:

  • Change the NewsIdentifier structure to make NewsML valid as per its DTD/XSD.
  • For NewsML/XHTML formats, the <meta element is modified to make it valid as per XHTML transitional DTD/XSD.
  • Additional multimedia asset in the ContentItem(s) section.

Burli Software wants to assure its customers: if you are currently able to view the Canada Newswire in Burli, you will not be affected by the Dec 10 change.  No change is required to your copy of Burli Newsroom.

The only customers who may have been affected are those running extremely old copies of Burli Newsroom (version 217 and prior).  Otherwise, we expect full functionality to continue as CNW makes their update.

However, as always, we are standing by to help if you experience any unexpected bumps.  Please contact our tech support if you have any issues, we’re glad to help!