Burli not affected by Log4J security issue

Burli Newsroom and Burli NE are NOT believed to be affected by the high severity vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) in the the Apache Log4j 2 utility disclosed by Apache on December 9, 2021.

Neither Burli Newsroom nor Burli NE nor any of their services or components make any use of the affected library (nor any other Java libraries of any description or version).

HASP hardware, drivers, and License Managers from Thales that Burli systems rely on for licensing are also reported as not being affected by their manufacturer.

We currently have no reason to be concerned about this vulnerability existing in any version of Burli’s newsroom systems themselves. If that changes, updated information will appear here.

Product / ApplicationStatus
Burli Newsroom clientNot affected
Burli Newsroom capture/server/web serverNot affected
Burli NE Desktop clientNot affected
Burli BeatNot affected
Burli NE Services (BLSS, BOMS, BurliSvc)Not affected
Thales Sentinel HASP driverNot affected
Thales Safenet License Manager/HASP Loader for Burli NewsroomNot affected
Thales Sentinel HASP Runtime/License Manager for Burli NENot affected