Burli Sponsors Radio TechCon 2017 Bursaries

Burli Software is proud to have sponsored bursaries for Radio TechCon 2017, in London.

The show, running Nov 27, is the United Kingdom’s leading radio engineering conference.

From the Radio TechCon website:

These Personal Bursaries are intended for people who have barriers which may prevent them from attending, such as financial constraints.  We are also keen to encourage applicants who are currently underrepresented in engineering – this may include, but is not limited to: people with disabilities, LGBTQI+, BAME, women, carers etc.

…As much as we adore our industry and colleagues, engineering can lack diversity.  We all know that to solve problems, we need people with a range of experiences and backgrounds. We also need to attract new talent to our industry, as there is a shortage of broadcast engineers in the UK at present.

Radio TechCon is magic, and we want to share our collective buzz and excitement for the work we all do in our various jobs with as many people as possible.

Here at Burli we are delighted to help three deserving attendees make it into the conference free of charge.  We agree that diversity (in any industry) is worth supporting!

Congratulations to the bursary recipients, and enjoy Radio TechCon 2017!