Canadian Press, GlobeNewswire Changes

Press Release Filter in Burli Newsroom
Burli sorts Press Releases into their own filter using metadata in the Canadian Press feed.

In October 2017, the Canadian Press (aka CP, Broadcast News or BN) made changes to press releases included in their news feed. Burli was not affected by the change.

What Changed?

The Marketwired news release service was bought by NASDAQ in 2017 and changed its name to GlobeNewswire.

The Canadian Press distributes these press release stories to newsrooms in its national text news feed. As part of the transition, the titles (slugs) of these stories became prefixed with the letters “GNW”, instead of the earlier “MW” (for GlobeNewsWire instead of MarketWired).  The Canadian Press urged their customers update their newsroom systems to handle the change by October 31, 2017. Burli newsrooms, however, were not affected.

What Action do I Have to Take?

If you’re using Burli, none. This change did not affect how Burli manages stories it receives from Canadian Press. Burli uses category code metadata included in the feed to sort and filter stories. That metadata did not change and so this transition had no significant effect on Burli customers. We understand the change did cause problems for customers of various other newsroom systems.

How Do I Learn More?

If you are not sorting the press releases into a separate “Press Release “ filter in Burli (as shown) and would like to, or have any questions about Burli’s newswire handling, please contact Burli Support – we’ll be happy to help you make your wire stories easier to find and read.