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What is Burli?

Burli is a set of tools developed by journalists, for journalists; tools for writing scripts, creating rundowns, broadcasting from a prompter, and managing wire data, e-mail, assignments, contacts and much more — all on standard Windows desktop PCs.

We are also widely known for our industry-leading audio tools, including a multi-track editor built around ease of digital radio news production.

Burli is proven technology used by thousands of journalists in a dozen languages on desktops in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and across the Americas — both in small markets and in some of the world’s busiest and most-listened-to radio newsrooms.

What are Burli Software’s products?

Newsroom NE

Burli Software has two core products – Burli Newsroom and Burli NE.

Features in Common

Both of these products allow you to…

Gather News from all over the world, in many formats, from many sources.  Newswires, emails, RSS feeds, internal Stories, and more all gather in one place.

Edit Stories directly in our powerful editing software.  Text and audio can be worked into your Story, exactly how you want to present it, without leaving our environment.

Share Stories between workstations, across multiple locations, or post directly to digital platforms.

Present the News from a dedicated Prompter view.  Customize text and fire audio directly from the Prompter or remotely to suit your newsroom’s style.

What Are the Differences?

NE adds many features to the already powerful Newsroom.

Want to learn more about the key differences between our Newsroom and NE products? We have a Product Comparison page ready for you.

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