About Support

Burli’s Technical Support

We take pride in providing excellent technical support and offer a wide variety of ways in which customers can get the responsive, informed support they need.

But they don’t need it very often. Burli has an impressive track record for stability and reliability. Most trouble calls are for hardware problems and in these cases our support team can help devise temporary work-arounds and make sure the newsroom is ready to run normally again once the computer or network trouble is fixed.

Here is a quick look at our support options.

Telephone Support

Telephone support calls are answered by knowledgeable technicians. During Burli’s normal office hours technical support staff are available immediately. Off-hours emergency calls are answered within a few minutes.

Online Support

Our extensive support website offers registered users full access to our on-line library of software, drivers, utilities, documentation and more. We also provide remote access support using a variety of tools that let our technicians connect to the newsroom computers remotely to diagnose and fix problems.

On-Site Support

It’s not often necessary but our technical support staff can also make on-site visits to help with technical issues or assist with changes of facility, studio re-builds or major upgrades.

World-Wide Support

Burli is also supported by trained technical staff in offices around the world. Support for the Americas is handled from our headquarters, and an office in Brasilia. The UK and Ireland are fully supported by offices in England. European support is handled by technicians in the Netherlands; African support by technicians in Johannesburg; Asian support by offices in Taipei; and support for the South Pacific region is provided from offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Christchurch.

Product Updates

We are constantly adding to and improving our software. Support customers can download updates to their version of Burli. We also send support clients regular e-mail notification of new features and important product news.

Customer Response

Many new features and improvements in Burli’s newsroom system are driven by customer requests. We encourage feedback from our clients and place development priority on their needs and requests.

Ready to Start?

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