Canadian Press Burli Users Unaffected by Changes

If you’re a Canadian Press (aka Broadcast News or BN) customer, you may have received a recent email outlining changes to their Marketwired news, starting October 31, 2017.  We want to let our customers know that Burli will not be adversely affected by these changes, and no changes are required to your system.

What’s Changing?

The Marketwired news release service has been bought by NASDAQ and is changing its name to GlobeNewswire.

The Canadian Press distributes these stories as part of its text news wire feed. As part of the transition, the titles (slugs) of these stories are being prefixed with the letters “GNW”, instead of “MW” (for GlobeNewsWire instead of MarketWired).  Canadian Press is recommending their customers take appropriate action to handle the change by October 31, 2017.

This change, however, does not affect how Burli sorts incoming stories it receives from Canadian Press.

The Canadian Press encodes all of theses news releases as Category p, (press release). That is not changing. Burli sorts stories into the “Press Release” filter based on that category code.

If you already have a “Press Release” filter in the Broadcast News (or Canadian Press) section of the Filter Tree, you do not need to do anything to your configuration unless, for some reason, you’ve made custom changes to the filtering that involve these slug values (unlikely but technically possible).

If you do not have a “Press Release “ Filter in Burli or have any questions about wire filtering or this change, please contact Burli Support – we’ll be happy to help you make your wire stories easier to find and read.