News Data Management

Burli's Newsroom System manages the full array of data that pour into modern broadcast newsrooms, and makes it all easy to browse, edit and use.

Data Ingest

Agency Wires
Burli captures wire data from newswires, agencies and data services from all over the world in a variety of languages and character sets - whether delivered as data files, via online streams or old-fashioned serial data feeds.
Once wire data is in the system Burli provides the full range of tools you'd expect: search; filtering by keyword, category, priority; and automatic purge of old wire data based on configurable settings.

Twitter, RSS, E-mail, Faxes
Burli ingests any number of Twitter feeds and treats them just like a newswire. Or ingest any valid RSS feed to turn virtually any news website, blog, or alert feed into another valuable news source.
Ingest newsroom e-mail ( from any POP3-capable mail server; and receive, store and display those occasional faxes your newsroom still receives.

Audio Data 

Automatic Recording
Set Burli to auto-record live audio feeds triggered by GPI/O, clock schedule, or automatic level detection. The resulting audio is automatically titled, sorted and presented for journalists to use in their stories and bulletins. 

Automatic File ingest
A lot of news audio data now arrives as digital files. Whether from an iPhone, flash recorder, news service, e-mail attachment, online music store or external audio editor, Burli will automatically import new audio files it finds in local folders, on USB devices, even on remote FTP sites.

Audio Logger
Record audio sources 24/7/365 and even let your journalists pull audio clips from them as they record. Burli's audio logger handles a virtually-unlimited number of simultaneous recordings from multiple audio sources in a variety of audio formats. And when its done, the audio logger can automatically export recordings to FTP sites, automation systems or file servers on your network. Or, of course slot it directly into Burli's own news production workflow.

Automatic Telephone Recording
Let Burli answer the phone and record those items from reporters in the field. For the reporter it's like leaving a message on a voicemail system. For the newsroom it's like having a dedicated audio engineer to answer the phone and record items from your reporters.

Scripts, Rundowns

4_m-scriptediting.gifNewscast editing
Burli's Newsroom System includes complete tools for creating news stories, complete with embedded audio clips. A full-featured scripts editor makes assembling them into newscasts quick and intuitive. Story order is controlled with simple drag-and-drop and shows can be edited on-the-fly - even during live broadcast.

And unlike some newsroom systems that force you to delete old stories each time you come to the 08:00 news, Burli automatically organizes your newscasts by day, allowing easy searches of old newscasts and different newscast formats on different days of the week.

Script Templates
Repeated elements of newscasts (intro, weather throw, etc) can be built into Templates that auto-fill each new newscast without needing to copy-and-paste from old newscasts or clear our stories from an existing script.

Shared Newscast production
Combined with Burli's Virtual Newsroom module Burli's script editing can happen across and between newsrooms. Drag stories - containing text and audio - from affilated newsrooms into your rundown to give your newscast some regional flavour. Or produce newscasts in your main regional newsroom and send them - complete with all stories and all news cuts - into the Burli system in one or more remote newsrooms.

Contacts, Assignments, Archive

If you have your newsroom contacts' names, phone numbers, e-mails spread across the mobile phones and e-mail programs of a dozen reporters, you're going to find Burli's central Contacts list handy. Accesible from both the newsroom and the field, Burli's contacts list puts key numbers and names in one place. And with its unique data folder for each contact, Burli lets you store notes, maps, even audio clips inside each Contact.

Keep track of upcoming story ideas and events, complete with extra information like contact e-mail addresses or notes from the assignment editor. Assign coverage to specific staff and - thanks to remote access to Burli - have them know what stories await them before they leave home in the morning.

Keep you old scripts, audio, stories - even wire copy. Burli's indexed archive allows fast searching of large volumes of news data. Ideal for research, year-end reviews or awards entries, the Archive will keep as much or as little Burli data as you like. Assign one or many extra servers or network attached storage locations for your Archive data and you can keep vast libraries of news text and audio for years.